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The world’s best in dining and entertainment are Italy restaurants & night clubs.
Rome is a historic and romantic city with the finest in Italy restaurants & night clubs. For travelers to Rome, Italy restaurants & night clubs making the “must-visit” list include:

LaCabala is one of a few famous Italy restaurants & night clubs overlooking the Tiber River creating a romantic evening for the traveling couple. Reservations are encouraged in order to get a seat at this highly prized dining establishment.

The Art Café near the Villa Borghese offers jazz music, artist shows, and a variety of other entertainment. A Jacuzzi is available for an evening dip under the red gazebo. Enjoy with a friend or date the best Italy restaurants & night clubs. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained. This venue is best for mature audiences.

Finally, DivinPeccato is one of the many authentic Italy restaurants & night clubs that is family and couple friendly and a great spot for lunch or dinner with authentic Italian cuisine and excellent customer service. The restaurant also hosts parties after hours for weddings and other large groups and special occasions. This one is a must-try for your visit to Rome. Italy restaurants & night clubs are the best in the world. Finding your favorite may mean locating the best restaurant in the world.

Milan is another historic locale filled with local and international cuisine and entertainment. The best of Italy restaurants and nightclubs are within the city limits. If Milan is your city of destination in Italy restaurants & night clubs a traveler should check out include:

Alcatraz and Loollapalozaa, both large, loud nightclubs popular with younger travlers.

Volo, is a classy club option featuring a garden with beautiful, old walls. This might be one of your favorite Italy restaurants & night clubs.

Corso Como 10 is a fun option of Italy restaurants & nightclubs that draws a refined clientele to its wine bar.

For a special evening out, splurge with a visit to Dolce and Gubbana Gold’s equisitely decorated restaurant. Enjoy the vast wine list and the breathtaking view.

Choices in dining and entertainment abound in Italy restaurants & night clubs make Italy an ideal destination for any traveler.

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